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XR solutions for e-Learning and Education, seamlessly integrated with your own Learning Management System.

Corporate Training

Immersive solutions to train your collaborators on new tasks and skills improvement.


Customer engagement for Brands and Products through virtual placement and visualization.

About Us

VRidge (Virtual+Bridge) is a software development company focused on the creation of the next communication platforms using Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies.

We offer our services to the US/Global market through VRidge Inc based in Irvine, California; VRidge Chile SpA in Chile; and Hangzhou Virtual Bridge to China mainland region.

Our Vision
There is a huge gap between the experience of physically attend to onsite meetings and presentations v/s connecting online, and we are still using 90’s technologies to communicate.

Our goal is to minimize that breach, envisioning a future were virtual remote attendees can have an enhanced and more enriching experience, even better than the real thing.
Our Experience
Our background in Telematics, Broadcasting and Virtual/Augmented Reality technologies, allows us to create awesome solutions using a totally different approach:

Live Data, Real-time Graphics, Distributed Content, and Immersive Interfaces, all together delivering new communications and story telling tools.

Collaborations and Partners

Building the next communication and education platforms, TOGETHER.
We love partnerships, we think that is the only real way to do business in this fast-changing world, and we are very lucky and proud to work with these outstanding companies across the globe. (US, China, Europe, and Latin America)


Santiago, Chile
Irvine, California
Hangzhou, China

Contact Us

Email: [email protected]