We are building better ways to share ideas and tell stories using VR/AR aiming to Tele-Presence. | Engage your audience like never before using the tools of the future | Brainstorm and collaborate with your team in the most intuitive and productive way

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VR/AR Association Membership

VRidge Incorporated is now a member of the VR/AR Association, willing to contribute in any way we can to the awesome job that they have been doing pushing the Virtual …

VRAVO! LTI Certified

We are proud to announce that VRidge Incorporated is now member of IMS Global Alliance, and VRAVO! platform has been Certified as a LTI v1.0 standard (Learning Tool Interoperability) Provider. …

VRAVO! for WebGL

VRAVO! is now available on WebGL! What does this mean? Well, from now on, anyone can attend to VRAVO! shows and presentations using just a Web Browser! No app needs …

VRidge Incorporated

About Us

VRidge Incorporated is a software development company based in Irvine, California, USA, focused on the creation of the next communications platforms using Virtual and Augmented reality technologies.

Our Vision

There is a huge gap between the experience of physically attend to onsite meetings and presentations v/s connecting online, and we are still using 90’s technologies to communicate.

Our goal is to minimize that breach, envisioning a future were virtual remote attendees can have an enhanced and more enriching experience, even better than the real thing.

Our Experience

Our background in Telematics, Broadcasting and Virtual/Augmented Reality technologies, allows us to create awesome solutions using a totally different approach:

Live Data, Real-time Graphics, Distributed Content, and Immersive Interfaces, all together delivering new communications and story telling tools.